Published by Bernard Poussin on 20/11/2018

ERTC annual Meeting Cannes 2018 : meet us booth No. 28

CREALYST-OIL is proud to sponsor ERTC annual Meeting (European Refining Technology Conference) 2018.   The European Refining Technology Conference will be held at the Hotel Martinez, Cannes,…

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Published by Bernard Poussin on 19/11/2018

Adjustments to catalyst loading systems benefit refiners

Crealyst-Oil is part of the Hydrocarbon Engineering brand-new edition, November 2018 with an message talking about adjustements to catalyst loading systems that benefit refiners gains. In our…

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Published by Bernard Poussin on 12/11/2018

NIS – Gazprom Seminar 18 October 2018 in Belgrad

  We were very honored to be invited by NIS (Gazprom group), to their internal seminar.   The event took place at the NIS / Gazprom refinery…

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Published by Bernard Poussin on 18/10/2018

How achieving quality with Dense Loading ?

  Take a look at to our presentation video on achieving quality with dense loading made during the congress ADID/MERTC begining of september 2018 in Abu Dhabi.…

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