Since 2004, CREALYST introduced extremely high quality services patent protected and continues the development of premium grade technologies for the dense loading of cylindrical vessels.
With more than 150,000 tons of catalyst loaded in more than 1,700 reactors, the company has reached over the years a level of excellency recognized throughout the world.




After 35 years devoted to the petroleum industry, Bernard Poussin launched out on the CREALYST adventure in order to respond to very constraining demands of refiners, petrochemical plants, maintenance companies, catalyst manufacturers and for natural gas transportation.

Showing an original presentation unique on the market, the company has quickly reached the reference level for the loading optimization of reactors and adsorbers.

Not long ago, CREALYST has taken up a new challenge : apply its know-how for the storage of cereals. In this new activity sector, the company keeps the same ambition which is to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction with improvement of existing systems and implementation of new devices for generating higher benefits.



CREALYST supports its customers in their operations of vessel inspection, supervision and loading. The company offers tailor-made services provided by recognized and highly qualified experts.

Thanks to its patented technologies, CREALYST guarantees a efficient dense loading of particles which are uniformly distributed in the reactor to obtain a perfectly homogeneous bed.  There are many advantages for the customer :

it avoids chanelling
through the bed

it improves the process performances
by increasing the loaded quantity

it produces a homogeneous distribution of the pellets.
It grants a full guarantee on the loading execution in accordance with estimates.



Security during operation and service quality remain the core business of CREALYST in order to bring their service to a success for the project. Many certifications have been obtained including ISO 9001 quality certification.

The company also makes available a high rank of after-sale services which guarantee customers with availability of experimented specialists for any type of assistance.

CREALYST grants its expertise in the field of safety regulation against accidents.

Research and innovation

CREALYST’s reputation has been built on technological innovations bringing significant improvements in the service provided to the customers in quality, reactivity and safety.


CREALYST has invested every year, since its creation, an important proportion of its turnover for developing “useful” innovations. In this context, CREALYST was indeed eligible within the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit proposed by the French Government.


CREALYST has recently opened a new R&D center with a “scale one” vessel of 4 meter diameter. This tool helps CREALYST engineers better understand complex physics (particle trajectories and interactions,…), so as to improve our devices like Calydens, or for performing training. Some additional R&D apparatus are also used, like Calylab for comparing dense vs sock loading in lab, or one apparatus for analyzing the catalyst particle sizes and shapes.

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  • Calylab
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