Published by CREALYST the 26/06/2020

Testimony of Charles PEREIRA, Homogeneous Dense loading and Inspection Expert

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in ways we could never have imagined.  we have all been touched and we all have a story to tell.

At CREALYST-Oil it is not different, so we have asked our team:how has the pandemic affected your work in the last months?


Testimony of Charles PEREIRA, Homogeneous Dense loading® and Inspection Expert


I am currently in South Korea  doing quarantine in a facility designated by the  South Korean government. That is my first catalyst Dense loading job during the pandemic. I have realized that all of travelling standards have really changed.


Before my departure, we had to obtain a South Korean visa by providing several attestations confirming my good health. All these exchanges with the embassy, documentation requested and medical tests took much more time and energy than usual.


After all these extra-ordinary administrative steps: an also extra-ordinary travel. Number of flights having been greatly reduced, the departure choices were limited. Waiting and transit times are now longer, pricing choices and also the conditions of access to airports are greatly disrupted. Almost all cathering establishment in airport are closed.


Moreover, I had to respect the strict sanitary rules: wearing a mask, declaration on honor of absence of Covid-19 symptoms, temperature control…

As soon as I arrived on South Korean ground, I was guided with all possible precaution to do medical examination, specific Covid-19 government registration and Immigration.

All of these steps were very well organized by South Korean government. I was really impressed by the organization and the safety measures that have been deployed!


In hotel facility, quarantine is strictly observed and I don’t have any possibility to move out of my room. I have no contact with anyone except by phone and days go by slowly.


To maintain physical fitness, I am doing physical exercises (it is necessary for well performing the forthcoming work). To maintain “fresh spirit”, I take time to call my family and friends.


Of course, after traveling around the world during more than 15 years, this is a big change and a real new experience. Personally, I am taking this as a new challenge.


As always, I will try to give my maximum in order to continue to build tomorrow’s world as efficient as possible…


Keep strong and be safe !