Published by CREALYST the 30/11/2018

Mission in Chile with Calynet® technology

Using the patented Calynet® technology, Crealyst-Oil recently collaborated with ENAP Bio Bio refinery, located 500km south from Santiago, Chile.


The purpose was to load two circular steam reformers with the support of our Chilean partner, BEC Industrial.


The Calynet® is a catalyst loading system designed to reduce the differences of pressure drop within the tubes of a steam reformer furnace.


Instead of dropping the particles manually, Calynet® uses the human manpower just to control its automated and controlled low-voltage electrical motor. This process is assuring that all the tubes are loaded exactly at the same pace and way.


In the preparation phase, Crealyst-Oil specialists inspect each tube individually in order to find structural issues, if any, and also to assure the internal cleaning condition. During the loading, the experts constantly check the pressure drop of the tubes.


Calynet® technology
Calynet® technology


Based on extensive proven know-how from highly qualified specialists, this technology reduces the duration of the maintenance operations and leads to an increase of the catalyst active sites due to the highest homogeneity.


Even being a brand-new technology, Calynet® has already loaded more than 5,500 tubes worldwide, always by Crealyst-Oil.


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