Published by CREALYST the 13/03/2020

Interview of Gorka Torano Uria, Crealyst-Oil Dense Loading expert

We had the pleasure of interviewing our fantastic Dense loading expert Gorka Torano Uria.  He tells us about his experience and his work


Gorka, you are working for Crealyst-Oil as Dense Loading Expert for 3 years.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?


I am Gorka Toraño, born in Barakaldo in 1977, my home town is Bilbao, located in the Basque Country, Spain.

To me, family and friends are the best, and if mixed with travelling, outdoor activities and BBQs it becomes highest luxury.

I face personal challenges in private and professional sides, both for fun and self-growing.


How did you hear about the position of DL expert?


Not my first job, but my second, was at a Catalyst Dumping and Industrial Cleaning company.

We used to hire Dense Loading services, more and more often. As English speaker I had the chance to stay with the Dense Loading Experts, side by side, translating and supporting their job, that brought me to discover the activity closely.


What are the main advantages of the job ?


When Dense Loading you work into a confined space, the reactor. It requires calculations, concentration, good shape and human relations in order to get a good result.

To me it is exciting, with the plus of visiting new countries and people.


What do you like least about your job ? What do you like the  most  ?


The least I like from this job is when performing under N2 and you get stuck with equipment, lines, heat…it generates big stress.

Some moments demand deep breathing and cold thinking, is part of the job.

In the other hand, it is the big support I get from the crew, team, workmates and my company to minimize or avoid such situations.


Gorka Torano Uria
Gorka Torano Uria


Tell me about a challenge or conflict you have faced at work, and how you dealt about it ?


Biggest conflicts for me are about safety. Equipment is prone to failure sometimes, and risk is always there, creating difficult situations, not only for myself but for anyone.

Best to avoid this is regular checkings, trainings, box- meetings, healthy lifestyle and a good relation with people. Sharing information is crucial and vital, never go into uncontrolled risk.


What motivates you in your job ?


Visiting new sites and places is a good reason, but regarding to the job itself, the best is to take the flight back home hearing from the client “good job”, professionally this is what keeps you on the go.

Many people are spending time and effort on such process, expecting good result, is satisfying watching smiles after days of work.


Gorka Torano Uria
Gorka Torano Uria


Finally, one last question  : If you were an animal, which one would you want to be ? 😉


No doubt, a duck. Ducks nearly walk, nearly fly and nearly swim, still they manage in any environment.